On the day, many people are more than 8 hours seated: driving to work during the hours in the office, coming home and watching TV. An international study, which was based on the health of more than one million people, showed that an hour of moderate physical activity can eliminate the health risk related to sedentary behavior.

Published in the journal The Lancet , research has shown that people with high risk of death are those that are long sitting periods and do not work. They are 28-59% more likely to die early compared with people who are more active.

The study found that only 25% of survey participants performed an hour or more of exercise a day.

“There is a high level of concern about the health risks associated with sedentary lifestyle,” says Prof. Ulf Ekelund of Norwegian School of Sports Sciences in Norway and Medical Research Council Epidemiology Unit at the University of Cambridge in the UK. “Our message is positive: it is possible to reduce, or even eliminate, the risks if we realize activity, even if not a specific sport or go to the gym”


For most people, there is no escape to stay so long sitting. For these people, a walk at lunch, or go cycling to work can be the solution. An hour of physical activity a day is ideal, but do any physical activity that is, or that is a little a day already reduces the risk of health problems such as obesity.

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