Patients with breast cancer at an early stage, the specific type HER2-positive, with high risk of recurrence, gain a new ally, Perjeta® (Pertuzumab) Roche, a world leader in oncology. The treatment has just been approved by ANVISA (National Health Surveillance Agency) for use before surgery, also known as neoadjuvant therapy.

According to Sergio Simon, CEO of the Brazilian Group Clinical Trials in Breast Cancer (GBECAM), medical oncologist at the Albert Einstein Hospital and the CPO Central Paulista Oncology, “the inclusion of Pertuzumab in combination with trastuzumab and chemotherapy in neoadjuvant treatment of breast cancer promotes decrease sharply tumor nodule, allowing conservative surgery, and prevent the disease from spreading, increasing the chances of cure the patient. “

The approval of the new indication Perjeta® is geared for patients with HER2-positive breast cancer locally advanced or inflammatory early stage with high risk of recurrence (tumors larger than 2 cm in diameter and / or positive lymph node) as part of a complete treatment regimen for early breast cancer.

The regulatory agency was based on studies Tryphaena (safety study) and NEOSPHERE, which analyzed 417 patients and had as its primary endpoint complete pathological response, ie, the total disappearance of the tumor in the surgical specimen, and obtained 45% of pathological response to Trastuzumab Pertuzumab compared to the scheme with a 29% response.

“We have a high incidence of breast cancer in the country. Of the 57,000 new cases of breast cancer appointed by the National Cancer Institute (INCA), about 20% are HER2-positive,” contextualizes dr. Antonio Frasson, professor of Medicine, PUCRS and mastologist Core Oncology Center Breast and Albert Einstein Hospital Hematology, in São Paulo.

“This approval is a milestone and contributes to the constant evolution in the early neoadjuvant treatment of disease. In recent years, we have achieved major breakthroughs for the health of women by providing a better understanding of the cancer process, “the expert concludes.

Perjeta ® (Pertuzumab) had his first indication that is FDA approved in June 2013 in the metastatic breast cancer indication HER2-positive in combination with trastuzumab and docetaxel.

Roche is a pioneer in the development of targeted therapies and the constant search for increasingly individualized treatments to patients, involving various types and stages of breast cancer.

About Perjeta (Pertuzumab)
Perjeta® (Pertuzumab) is a drug which targets HER2 receptor, a protein found on the surface of many normal cells and in very high amounts outside of cancer cells in HER2-positive breast cancer. Perjeta® (Pertuzumab) was developed to prevent the HER2 receptor to connect to other HER receptors (such as EGFR / HER1, HER3 and HER4) on the cell surface – avoiding the growth and tumor survival. The connection Perjeta® (Pertuzumab) in HER2 protein also triggers the body’s immune system to destroy cancer cells. The Perjeta® action mechanisms and Herceptin® (trastuzumab) complement each other, because they bind to different places on the HER2 receptor and promote a dual-lock – that is, more effective to prevent the growth of cancer cells, it interrupts the pathways signaling that make the cells multiply and stay alive.

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