With winter coming to its final stretch, it increases the number of people seeking academies to start exercising for the summer. In addition to diet and heavy exercise, you who until capriche in warm clothes in order to speed up weight loss by intense sweating. But does this really work?

According to the physical educator of academies Just Fit Network, Patricia Lima, increased sweat does not lead to increased calorie burning, but rather to water loss. “When we exercise, we produce energy and it is released by the body in the form of heat. The body then increases sweat production to cool the skin surface. What is lost is water and minerals, but not fat, “says the expert.

On the other hand, generates information not only discouragement. After all, the professional account that sweating can indeed demonstrate that calorie loss is occurring because it shows that physical activity is being done intensively, which leads to increased energy expenditure and the consequent weight loss.

“It is so important to maintain hydration during exercise and also to perfect the aerobic to accelerate weight loss, but do not have to wrap up or make sauna to achieve this goal,” he concludes.

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