The contact with the germs happens in ways that no parent can imagine. At the time of the meal, when the parents blow, hot food to be ingested by the child causes the transmission of 2 billion bacteria in just a drop of saliva. Scary, is not it?

“In the case of pacifiers and further accessories is also valid. To fall to the ground, the utensils are placed in the mouth of the baby should be washed with running water, it is not necessary to boil or use other germs disposal method. The risks to the baby are very variable, it depends on the microorganism which is on the ground and what the utensil. But there may be problems co m enteroviruses, worms and infections by bacteria and other parasites (amoebas) for example, “says biomedical Roberto Figueiredo Martins, the Dr.Bactéria

No doubt, before one year of age resistance of the child is not yet adequate, which is more susceptible to infections.
Now, what to do if one of these assessórios the baby falls to the ground? Dr. Bacterium replies

– No need to sterilize
. – Before u year, boil for 3 to 5 minutes
. – After a year, just rinse under running water
-. The habit that some mothers have to try the food can contaminate the food of children with germs from the mother as gastritis, stomach ulcer, oral candidiasis (thrush), labial herpes, infectious mononucleosis, flu, cold, caries, among other
-. children when they are already crawling any special care should be taken, simply wash children’s hands before eating, no more extra care
-. the best way to raise children is NEVER ensure the distance of bacteria living small. They will give strength to them
-. Children must be created crawling on the ground, contact with animals, sand, etc. Not having this she will be ordered to have respiratory problems in the future. – Some habits should be avoided, like, kiss the child in the mouth, let food remain at room temperature or slightly warmed by more than two hours, try foods


“Children should be created in contact with microorganisms, never a” bubble “. This will avoid future respiratory problems such as rhinitis and asthma, and other allergies, “concludes Dr. Bacterium.

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