is now available in clinics dengue vaccine, created by Sanofi-Aventis, for now only company in the country with the registration of the vaccine, which can be taken by all people between nine and 45 years.

The vaccine was 25 studies in 15 target countries prior to their distribution. There were about 30,000 volunteers who took doses of vaccine for three phases of clinical research. The results obtained were satisfactory: the vaccine worked in 93% of severe cases of the disease and reduced by 80% of hospitalizations


The vaccine is divided in three doses to enable antibodies and protects against all four viruses. By presenting a part of the structure of the yellow fever virus, to immunize, may cause side effects such as headaches, fever and malaise.

The price of the vaccine should be in the range between R $ 132.76 and R $ 138.53. However, as reported by the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa), there are clinics offering the vaccine values ​​abusive. To avoid this improper billing, the consumer should ask price discrimination charged by the vaccine and the services provided on the invoice. If the price charged is higher than the maximum limit established by CMED, the property will be subject to penalties such as fines, which can range between R $ 590 and R $ 8.9 million.

Complaints should be directed to the email with evidence of abuse.

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