Do you feel weight on your shoulders? Shakes his head in all directions trying to ease somewhat, but does not relieve? Do you feel any pain in the neck or back coming to radiate to the arms? Feel severe headaches because the weight back? If any answer is yes this text is for you.

One of the complaints reported by people today are the famous tensions in the neck, which often radiate on the shoulders and back and may even be accompanied by a headache tensional (headache due to excessive tension in the neck with or without radiation), but why suffer from these pains constantly? What are the consequences of these pains? What to do to improve?

Our head is naturally heavy, requiring a constant tension of the muscles that hold the pains arise from the excessive burden imposed on the region, demanding more stress on the muscles and joints, thus reducing the local blood flow. There are some common factors that lead the emergence of this burden

– Poor posture caused by several factors, primarily by adaptation of your body to your daily routine

– Activities. daily that require a lot of concentration for long periods, where even strongly tenses eyes to a higher concentration;

– Remained in the same position for long periods of the day;

– Bad sleeping position, use mattress and inappropriate pillows (too soft mattress, or very hard, very high pillow or too low);

– repetitive movements;

– emotional factors, especially stress, among other factors .

However, the overhead can now also be associated with a chronic condition, or simply lead to the emergence of various disorders such as:

– Osteoarthritis: wear of the joint

– postural deviation, either the cervical, shoulder, and / or scapular;

– muscle imbalance, whether through weakness, shortening or stiffness by muscle injury, joint or ligament, or compression nerve neck roots

– Trigger points (trigger points):. sensitive and palpable nodules that can produce local and irradiated pain, causing loss of muscle strength and flexibility, muscle compensation

. – disc herniations

– sciatica pain

– carpal Pain

. – tension Headache, among others

However, it is extremely important to seek the cause of the overload along with the professional of Physical Education, Orthopedist and Physiotherapist, performing postural assessments, tests of strength, flexibility, and imaging tests to get an accurate diagnosis and thus to follow up the correct treatment of this tension.

Talita Ribeiro
Physical Education Professional ClinLife
CREF: 022819G / MG

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