For the purpose of a tabby body or sculptural or even with the intention of preventing disease, people are directed to the existing academies in all neighborhoods. Many of them have enough structure and equipment for this purpose. However, many forget to deepen in the category hygiene and disease prevention.

The same thing happens with the regulars that in order to work out and define muscles, forget basic rules of hygiene that can lead to infections and possible diseases resulting from contaminated apparatus and equipment. Among the many infections and diseases, we can mention various infections with pus, conjunctivitis, diarrhea, mycosis (tineas and foot of athlete), skin diseases, among others.

Precepts Basic with Dr. bacterial biomedical Roberto Figueiredo Martins
-. Good food directed to the type of training that will make. This may seem geared only for muscle mass gain, but in the meantime, it is essential with regard to maintaining the integrity of organisms, considering that there will be an energy loss substanci al over the course of training. A consultation with a professional nutritionist would be indicated enter these situations.

With regard to hygienic aspect some rules must be followed:
– cotton clothing or fabric that does not hold sweat;
– Avoid foods that can be open, chocolates type or open candy, mints or dropes that packaging remains open and can attract insects and other pests;
– Avoid training when with skin infections (mycoses, boils, etc.);
– Avoid training when stricken by some lung disease or airway, such as influenza , cold, tuberculosis, pneumonia, etc.
– After the use of appliances or equipment that result in physical contact, carry out disinfection with alcohol (pure) past with disposable paper;
– Before use would be prudent to same passage of alcohol (pure) with disposable paper
– Do not use two consecutive days the same shoes should be deixad it to fully dry, sprinkle inside an antiseptic powder;
– Avoid water bottles that have within the recycling symbol (triangle) the number 3 or 7, in view of the risk of bisphenol A. we prefer the marks with the symbol BPA Free;
– Wash water bottles daily with water. Once a week, rinse with water, detergent, rinse thoroughly and immersed in a solution (1 spoon dopa bleach over 1 liter of water) for 10 minutes;
– food mixtures (which are taken before, during or after the training) should not remain after prepared, for more than two hours at room temperature;
– using own towels to be washed each day (changed);
– When bathing, using a soap that has in its composition bactericides principles;
– Avoid plastic pallets in the showers, they are difficult to sanitize;
– wipe well the body, especially between the toes;
– Keep clean and hygiene of the premises;
– Never forget to wash your hands before eating something, especially after use so common digital sensors currently in academies

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