From tomorrow (18), 200 specialists in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension will gather in São Paulo to discuss the progress and challenges in the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH) is a rare, progressive disease and even fatal. It can occur without any obvious cause or secondary to a variety of diseases, including connective tissue disease, congenital heart disease and exposure to substances, such as appetite suppressants, or infectious agents such as HIV. The symptoms are apparent only when the disease is at an advanced stage and often: fatigue; progressive breathlessness on exertion; Chest pain; vertigo and dizziness.

This disease can be more threatening than some cancers. PAH affects thousands of people every year, but in Brazil, many die without the diagnosis. Without treatment, life expectancy is on average three years.

At the event, organized by Actelion, a Swiss biopharmaceutical world leader in research areas related to pulmonary hypertension, renowned physicians will be gathered from various countries in Latin America and Europe to present and discuss the use of combination therapy, not allowed technique Brazil, where drugs are used, and the arrival of new drugs.

Among the highlights, the cardiologist will PROCAPE, Dr. Adriano Mendes, who will expose a new therapy that will enable the improvement of patients in advanced stages of the disease.

To Fernanda Mendes, Director of Regulatory Affairs at Actelion, the great expectation for the event this year is the ability to provide a more comprehensive scientific discussion, due to the arrival of new therapies and approaches. “There is still a big room for advancement in the management of PAH, so that in the near future, all staff will be able to recognize the main signs and symptoms reported by patients, mainly due to barriers related to the diagnosis. The event will contribute with a new look about the prospects of the future of HAP, in a comprehensive approach that considers the latest research for the development of new therapies and the revision of treatment guidelines, “says Mendes.


8 PH LATAM Symposium

Date 18 on August 20

Location: Hilton Hotel – Sao Paulo

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