Everyone needs a sabbatical. A time to reflect, learn about new cultures and get to know better. Although many think that this is just an alternative for those who have a lot of money, everyone can take your time, just organization.

It is possible, during this time, perform work abroad, take a course of specialization, learn a new language, start from scratch and even open your own business.

Would you do it? So there will tips:

  • First of all, set your goal.
  • Search a lot about the place of alternatives, time and money.
  • Identify what will be the amount needed to go, to stay on site and return, and save a little longer to return to his home.
  • After that, draw up a spreadsheet to know how much you need to save monthly to achieve the goal.
  • Start saving as soon as possible.
  • Give up some luxuries to avoid spending.
  • Invest or put in a savings account the money saved.

Never give up your dreams. Having a time just for you and can you get!

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