Taking medications on your own is a big risk. It is essential to have a formation that allows to understand the effects and indications of each drug, so the need to consult a doctor before any symptoms. Self-medication can have serious health consequences, such as allergic reactions and dependence. In addition, according to the Ministry of Health, in the case of antibiotics, the habit can increase the resistance of microorganisms and inhibit the effectiveness of the remedies.

One of the biggest concerns is the fact that many people have no idea of ​​the side effects that drugs have and how you can buy many of them without a prescription, think that there is no risk.

The most common drugs in use are non-prescription painkillers, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic. “Patients tend to take medicines on their own in case of infections, sore throats, allergic rhinitis, and other problems. However, all medications have side effects. Anti-inflammatory drugs, for example, can cause heartburn and other types of changes in the stomach. Already allergy can result in excessive sleepiness frames, “says Dr. Henry Ramos, member of the Brazilian Association of Otolaryngology and Facial Surgery (ABORL-CCF) and professor at the Federal University of Espirito Santo.

Among those without medical indication using champions are nasal vasoconstrictor. “The chronic use of these products can cause arrhythmia and heart disease. Furthermore, the use of these drugs may result in an intolerance as well as the need to always increase the dose. This type of drug also causes addiction, “said Dr. Henry Ramos.

Since the symptoms of colds and flu are commonly treated with anti-influenza and the search for an expert is ignored. “Of course, the patient may have a classic case of cold, for example, with a runny nose and runny nose, but if the problem persists after 48 hours of symptom onset is recommended to seek medical attention so that you make sure that the picture is really this, or is it something more serious, “concludes the otolaryngologist.

After the ban on the sale of antibiotics without prescription, there was a reduction of the behavior of self-medication, the problem still persists. “Unfortunately, this prohibition has not changed the attitude of many patients who come to the office looking for the recipe and not the diagnosis,” laments Dr. Ali Mahmoud, Otolaryngologist Hospital of FMUSP clinics.

As can also be side effects caused by drug interactions between a medicine and the constant use that was used inadvertently, the expert reinforces the need to consult the doctor who made the prescription before taking any medicine. “Patients with hypothyroidism who take hormone supplementation, can not eat cold medicine, as decongestants present in them can not be used with medicines with thyroid hormones. Other remedies promote bleeding and therefore must be discontinued 10 to 15 days before a surgical procedure. Finally, there is a huge range of damages, many more that can be developed as a result of self-medication, “concludes Dr. Ali Mahmoud.

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