The confusion between these two terms has affected many people today, after all if we do not have in our lives the hopes and dreams, everything becomes mechanical, however, if only we put a lot of hopes (the verb wait) in relation to things that do not dedicate our commitment, feels a very great distress, after all it is as if there was nothing to be done to accomplish our goals.

It is important to have faith that things will improve, that the situation will straighten the best possible way, however, it is necessary to remember that this boat called life, each is master of his craft and as such should direct rudder and sails to reach the destination that craves. As the poet said: “ The basic rule is clear:. Wisest is expect of ourselves what we want, in the certainty that what we do to deserve is within our reach”

To realize the dream, it is necessary dedication and choices. Often the choices require forgo immediate pleasures for the sake of a higher goal and that’s not easy. But you must remember that everything in life is choices, and each choice requires a waiver. The choices are based on the priorities that each person has in their life.

The return is more likely is that which comes from their struggles, the hours of sleep and fun that opened not dedicating themselves with extreme willpower and determination. Draw in the laurels of achievements in which I invested up time because we put truth in this search. So do not just sit on the couch waiting for the chances of your life will ring the bell of his door.

Gratitude and recognition of people is not something to be asked. But do not waste time waiting for return of those who always ask for more than you can offer, who sucks his forces, demanding his full attention, as if it were the center of the world, the universe. These do not see anything beyond the navel and will never be able to look beyond the selfishness limits.

No to set aside a bit of our lives the hopes and dreams, everything will become merely mechanical stealing us the magical pleasure of the pleasant surprises that enrich our journey. Nevertheless, getting only filling with hopes for things that do not fight and the emotional return of empty people to prevent the strengthening of our dawn renewed in faith and love that will feed us move forward, always and tirelessly.