When we started a program training complaints are very similar: want to lose weight, want to lose belly, I want to reduce my fat percentage , etc. But … Why we could not get in our weight and ideal fat percentage and park? Why is it so hard to keep the results? Why suddenly just stop losing weight? One possible explanation is the Theory SET POINT

The slimming process is theoretically simple:. negative calorie balance, ie spend more energy than you eat. But then why during the weight loss process one simply stagnates? According to the theory of set-point, the body has a kind of “self-regulation” for different body mass of what one would like to have. The theory argues that each person has an internal mechanism control – probably located in the hypothalamus -. causing the body to keep a certain level of body fat This theory states that by reducing the amount of calories expended per day initially occurs weight loss, however, the body adapts to this new condition and decreases caloric expenditure also hindering or halting the loss of weight. the result is what we know as “weight cycling”. For those who wish to acquire a new look and do not want to live restricted to life, the long-term healthier to lose fat is to calorie intake reduction in a balanced way and practice fREQUENT physical exercise.

When lack energy in the body, it needs to remove it from somewhere, and that’s how the individual loses weight. Much of this energy is obtained removal of fat deposits, however, the body does not use only the fat, as well as proteins. Individuals who come to make a good supervised diet and also guided exercise can prevent protein loss, gain muscle mass and reduce fat deposits by increasing the basal metabolism even performing a reduced calorie diet. Thus is achieved the ideal, strengthen the body and cause fat loss, on a consolidated basis and without large initial sacrifices that later can no longer maintain.

Although many people want, there are no magic formulas for slimming. The dream body weight is the result of combination of a balanced hypocaloric diet and physical activity SCHEDULED at optimal levels, where individuals who have always been overweight, need a program of physical activity and diet controlled throughout life, just not to let the setpoint act and the person returns to obesity or overweight.

Isabel Cristina

Physical Education Professional ClinLife

CREF .: MG 19464

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