Almost 100% of people report that the body part more bother them is the famous belly. But most of them do not Atina that this concern should go beyond aesthetics because there are several concerns associated with health-related increase in abdominal region.

Some of diseases associated with this increase are type II diabetes, hypertension and heart diseases. To measure the degree of risk is used to measure the waist circumference was considered increased risk for these diseases values ​​equal to or greater than 94 cm for men and 80 cm for women.

The reduction of these values ​​is associated with change lifestyle:

Diet key to reducing body fat, but there is no loss of localized fat

hormonal control : mainly cortisol which is associated with the accumulation of fat in the abdominal region

Physical Exercise . strengthening and calorie expenditure, are also not for loss of localized fat


Anyway, if the search continues only for a belly “plateau” will have benefits for quality of life and overall health, due initially to an aesthetic concern.

Natalia Francisca Louredo

Physical Education Professional

CREF 026778-G / MG

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