When we think of starting a program training often find that the most important thing is to train with a high volume, or train every day or hold sessions that last for hours and hours … often we get so tired because of the burden we started missing the sessions, the this response of our body called over training. When we are in this state, we have no provision for anything, even for everyday activities, then we begin to punish us because we are not able to train with the same frequency we started. This is because the degree of overload was so intense that our body finds it difficult to recover and begin to take various measures to “save energy” for example, decrease metabolism. At this point the client can not understand You are training so much and can not get the desired results. As important as training is rest. When not properly rest, our body goes on alert and releases hormones that do not favor the SLIMMING nor gain MUSCLE MASS.

The frequency is the most important when it comes to exercise, because when we frequent the risk of injury decreases and our body becomes conditioned to those proposed stimuli, enabling developments. But useless to train three days thoroughly and stay several days in inactivity, as well as the possibility of lesionarmos, the occurrence of over training, harmed the process of adaptation and progressions of exercises.

Ideally we organize ourselves to keep BALANCED frequency . A good strategy is CHOOSE day and time carefully to avoid sabotage and infrequency Remember:. The most important when we talk about results is the FREQUENCY, for his personal can create the best training program for u, but if not EXECUTED properly, it will not help. If you wanna RESULTS, is a frequent customer in training sessions, u will see the difference !! !! Guarantee !!!

Isabel Cristina

Physical Education Professional ClinLife

CREF .: 19464 G / MG

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