The National Cancer Institute José Alencar Gomes da Silva (INCA) launched portal aimed at preventing disease from the food. According to the website of the Institute, “food and inadequate nutrition are classified as the second leading cause of cancer that can be prevented.”

The initiative seeks to alert the public to the importance of maintaining a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans and other legumes, avoiding ultraprocessados ​​food (already ready for consumption). This attitude can prevent three million to 4 million new cases of cancer each year worldwide.

The feeding recommendations and prevention may also be followed by people who have overcome cancer. These need to take care of food, physical activity and seek to maintain the proper weight to regain health.

Learn some tips INCA, based on the Global Fund reports for Research on Cancer and the American Institute of Cancer Research, among other research:


Artificial Sweeteners:

The most commonly used sweeteners are stevia; sorbitol; aspartame; cyclamate; sucralose and saccharin. When consumed in excess, some side effects can occur, such as headache, malaise, mood changes and diarrhea.


Food and drinks with high calorie:

Hamburgers, pizza, chips, cookies and other foods, have a high amount of fat and sugar

he concentration of calories. The consumption of these foods can lead to increased body weight, resulting in overweight and obesity.

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Meat Preparation:

When preparing them, is indicated steaming, or sopping wet, or stewed or roasted. The very high temperatures (above 300 ° C) for frying or grilling, form chemical compounds are carcinogenic.

Learn more tips and discover the myths at: risk / feeding

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