Gluten intolerance is a condition triggered by consumption proteins of some cereals which cause malabsorption of ingested nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, lipids and other proteins.

Prolamins (Gliandina + glutenin) + H2O agitation = gLUTEN

gluten is present in some cereals such as wheat, rye, barley and oats, cereals they used for making bread, pasta, crackers, cookies, cakes, etc.

You must be very careful in the choice of food available in the trade as the gluten can be in various forms:

directly – wheat, rye, barley , oats, Boulgour, triticale, spelled, kamut, etc … that are found in flour, groats, flakes, and all derivatives;

Indirectly – starch, modified starch, malt … .They are in fruit yogurts, creams, sauces, etc.

the intolerance to gluten is difficult to diagnose because the symptoms can be very varied. One of the most habituias manifestations is malabsorption of nutrients

The classic symptoms:. Diarrhoea, flatulence, abdominal distension, Poor digestion, weight loss

other more difficult manifestations relate to intolerance gluten: chronic fatigue, irritability, vomiting, difficulty concentrating, physical layout, mood, memory

There are other less common: edema, but also liver problems, blood, joints, teething and even neurological

to complete the list, the intestinal wall to be affected, passes more allergens. The immune system is therefore most requested in case of intolerance. These patients are more prone to allergies multiple people not intolerant


-. Not intestinal manifestation of the disease – antiglutaminase antibodies

– resistant anemia treatment

– Antibody antimicrossomaltireóide & ovaries

Want to get pregnant? Eliminate gluten couple diet !!!


Wheat and wheat derivatives such as wheat flour, wheat bran, bread, biscuits, cake, pastries, noodles and pasta in general

white sauce, nuggets, sausage, granola, cereal bar, kebab and sfiha, among others

Rye and derivatives rye flour, rye bread, rye flakes

oats and derivatives: rolled oats, oat bran, oat bread

barley: powdered barley (coffee substitute) , beer, beer, malt, mate extract, whiskey, “Ovaltine”. Attention to cafes, as some can come mixed with barley to increase volume, so celiacs (those who can not with gluten) should seek purity seal of ABIC

the labels:. Starch and thickeners can refer to substances with gluten


soy flour, soy flakes, potato starch, tapioca starch, cassava starch ( biscuit flour, cheese bread), corn meal, wheat-free corn bread, cornmeal cake without wheat, corn flour, rice flour

market products: flour biscuit, cheese bread, bifun (noodle rice)

buckwheat and Quinoa can be used.

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