Since very young people are put forward to more situations diverse and always the fear is associated including as a form of care and survival. When younger fears were related to the absence of parental figures, after the small child is very dependent, and stay away from parents is be faced with helplessness at this time.

Fears will vary according to the stage of life, one to
surpasses other people with us and still has the new arise.

But the experiences and demands of today have revealed the importance of courage to live and not just survive.

is observed as people in recent times have been dominated by fears and the impact that the life of each one of them.

Courage walks scarce, which has as a consequence the failure of many dreams that bring brightness and color to life.

Courage to which I refer is to be transparent with what it feels like.

one who makes it delivered the good feelings that dare, for some reason, knocking on our door.

You have to let them come despite the risks, and sometimes let them do home in our surroundings.

The issues raised here can be compared to a breath of hope, since the fear of feeling and allow this growing. Every time you make mistakes or stumble along the way the trial is so severe that the vast majority are opting not to risk.

Judging is easy, but it is very hard to believe in anything or anyone again after so many disappointments.

After all, only disappointment has this name because it is the result of frustration of hope that we had something or someone.

So it takes courage.

a lot of courage to get up and shake the dust again is necessary.

It takes courage to put your heart to race in the game of life that feel and allow are basic rules for those who really want to play.

It takes great courage to assume that it is made of flesh, bone, and feelings to the surface.

It is not easy. It is not anyone who can not hide in masks, in cases in shells. It is not easy to take the whole armor and allow yourself to be vulnerable about someone, about something.

is much courage it takes to open your mouth and say what you feel and feel heart everything that is said.

Despite the risks we run to have this courage, it is never in vain regardless of the outcome of every situation. Because, in spite of everything, it is the feeling and the courage to leave everything manifest is what drives us. ! That enables new opportunities

So is the hint: “The comfort zone is a very safe place, but nothing happens there again. ? Then how about living “Life is movement

Thais Martins Santos

Psicologa of ClinLife

CRP 04 24 638

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