• Calorie is the amount of energy that each food has, and will be used by the body for all functions such as digestion, breathing, practice exercises …
  • All foods have calories, but in different quantities.
  • the calories only begin to weigh in the balance if you eat more than your body needs.
  • the problem is that these the day of modernity food (chocolate, pizza, sandwiches, pasta, soft drinks, etc.) are a “machine to get fat”, or even eating small amounts you eat too many calories. This is because these foods contain excess harmful nutrients as sugar, hydrogenated fats, white flour which is rich in calories. Moreover, they are poor in healthy nutrients as vitamins, minerals and fiber. These foods are known as empty calories.
  • You may not know, but the vitamins and minerals are essential in weight loss, that is, without them there is more difficulty in downloading the hands of the scale. A good example is the mineral magnesium. Did you know that this mineral helps in controlling the desire for carbohydrates (it helps in tryptophan synthesis), reduces swelling, stress and improves physical layout? And that excessive consumption of refined sugar and processed foods tends to reduce magnesium levels in the blood?
  • So do not just based on the table of calories to achieve weight loss . For a successful weight loss is essential to reduce calories, prioritizing nutritious food.

“We can compare our body a car. Where organs are the motor and the gasoline calories.

We know that the car run not only need gas. We need oil and water, for example, just so the engine can perform its function.

Our body is similar, no use just giving calories is

necessary nutrients too! “

So if your goal is to lose weight reduce calories and select proper foods, ie, containing nutrients required for maximum performance from your body.

Juliana Castilho

Nutritionist ClinLife

CRN 4524