Did you know that can lose stopped fats ? Yes! It is true! This is possible through something called EPOC. But what is this? EPOC means Oxygen Consumption Excess After Exercise. When we perform the exercises, our body needs to restore equilibrium (homeostasis) it suffered a “stress” (tissue damage, microinjuries) and during this recovery, our body will undergo various effects in to restore order, and need a greater amount of oxygen.

it is known that the EPOC after weight vary from 36-48 hours, and that the greater the amount of muscles in the body, the greater the energy expenditure at rest (rest is any activity except the exercise). The EPOC of low-intensity continuous aerobic exercise lasting about 1 hour, while high-intensity interval aerobic last around 15 hours (where the intensity varies between people, it is given the name of biological individuality).

However, the best results achieved with respect to the reduction of fat percentage is through the concurrent training ie the combination of strength training and aerobic. Where the exercise of power will ensure that your metabolism remains high, the joints are preserved, that posture improves, the levels of strength and quality muscle increase or improve that injury are treated and / or prevented. Already aerobic exercise, improve the biochemical markers (HDL and glucose for example) and the performance of the cardiovascular system (peak VO2), meaning you will have more strength to tolerate the aerobic exercise, be on time, distance and intensity beyond to improve your health!

Therefore weight training and high intensity aerobic exercises favor the EPOC and the elevation of your metabolism. With high metabolism, you will mobilize more fat because you will need more energy to perform the same daily activities, and u will begin to melt your fat stopped. This is not fantastic? Spend calories during exercise is wonderful and often feel we are losing weight as we do the exercises, but the main benefit occurs during recovery. If u are inserted into a suitable food program that is when you really melt your fats !!!

Isabel Cristina

CREF 19,464 G / MG

Physical Education Professional ClinLife

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