No matter what your monthly income, always manages to save an amount each month. You just have to learn to organize and plan.

Check the math, do the budget, all that is needed to control spending, save and set an amount to apply or save in savings.

Every month, save a portion of your money as soon as it lands on the account. The indicated, according to financial planners, is to save 10% of salary. But if this amount is too high for your reality, try to save what you can. Gradually, you can increase this amount to build and realize dreams.

Need some tips to save more and to have an more money at the end of the month to put in savings? So, see:

  • Go to the market every day? Start to go once a week and with a ready list. Buy just the basics and search for promotions or cheaper products.
  • likes to go every weekend in a different restaurant or lunch in the mall’s food court? Change the habits and start cooking more at home for the family.
  • Fuel is the prices there on high? Try to use more public transport. In some cities in the interior of São Paulo, for example, there Sundays the buses operate for only one real. Worth it. And we have the bikes, which is a great activity for the family.

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