On the day we were not thinking about the uncertainty that is our human existence, because after all it would be very distressing for anyone. But the big reality is that we do not know for sure what will come in the next hour, the next day, the next station in the close of the year among other things.

Although we try to imagine what will be the record of the next line of our life story and choose letters and shapes, all is not in our hands. Life does not offer the kind of certainty whatsoever, the guaranteed is just the time we live in.

One must learn to adjust the sails to sail on the waves of existence respecting the strength of the winds, storms and turbulence, but also to admire the days of clear sky and gentle tide.

the respect and caution before the page turns and closing cycles are indispensable, as well as the sharp eyes to behold the best moments.

When unpleasant events happen in abrupt way on a typical day, we realize that nothing belongs to us and is not under our control.

life is moments and uncertainties. Flowers that prove the poetry of nature and prayers at daybreak. Good night kisses and one’s memory that it was. Mother’s affection smell, and day starting with breakfast taste. Belief and disbelief. Weatherproof and hope. Ends and beginnings.

To begin again our history, even if we try to do everything just like the beginnings are always distinct, different, and by no means the worst.

The problem is that we hold when we live (being good or bad) and we want to perpetuate what already become accustomed to live the new is not always seen as welcome.

But with time things will they cease, and even that it is the longing now other experiences to come.

when this finding is made, it is necessary wisdom to accept the new time, new opportunities, new horizons, new air.

the sadness that often precedes the end of each cycle can be ameliorated by the perception of opportunity at the beginning of the new cycle.

is necessary for faith and courage to be permanent, so that we can navigate the sea of ​​life , handling sails and rudder to change our course as often as needed.

May we see the new looks with hope. But not a look waiting for things to happen, but, like eyes that know that despite uncertainties, choose to be authors of their history despite external contingencies.

We have a great responsibility to our children, because we educate them to navigate this sea with watchful eyes that can see the delicacy and beauty of every moment. After all as the poet would say that it takes this life is what you live!

Thais Martins Santos

Psicologa of ClinLife

CRP 04 24 638

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