Men 50 years or parents may hold free check-up without medical referral. preventive exams will be offered in the areas of nursing, cardiology and urology on Saturdays at 25 AMEs in the state of São Paulo, as part of the “Son AMA takes the father to AME.”

The campaign seeks to encourage the children to bring their parents to the doctor. To participate, it is necessary that the patient himself schedule the service, which is held on two Saturdays: first, the patient undergoes a nursing consultation, which involves assessment of height, weight and cardiac risk. In the second meeting, the tests are evaluated by a cardiologist and urologist.

If the doctor finds an abnormality, the patient will be referred for further tests, whose monitoring and treatment are already included in routine common AME activities.

To check-up, just call the phone 0800-779-0000 and provide your personal data.

“The schedule on Saturdays is precisely to facilitate preventive care to these men, without prejudice to their work routines during the week. The program was also designed to appeal to children and generally relatives, to encourage this visit to the doctor, “says Secretary of State for Health, David IPU.

The treatment protocol was developed in partnership with the Brazilian Society of Urology, the SOCESP (State Cardiology Society of São Paulo) and the Brazilian Society of Internal Medicine.

AMEs involved in the program work on Saturdays from 7 am until at least 13h. AMEs provide regional service, and patients are referred to the nearest unit of his city.

Units that make the care of the “Son who loves the father takes the AME”

  1. AME Heliopolis (Capital)
  2. CRI Norte (Capital)
  3. AME Mogi das Cruzes
  4. AME Taboao da Serra
  5. AME Carapicuíba
  6. AME Maua
  7. AME Aracatuba
  8. AME Américo Brasiliense
  9. AME Santos
  10. AME Praia Grande
  11. AME Barretos
  12. AME Bauru
  13. AME Promissão
  14. AME Jundiaí
  15. AME Franca
  16. AME Ourinhos
  17. AME Rio Claro
  18. AME Presidente Prudente
  19. AME São João da Boa Vista
  20. AME Mogi Guaçu
  21. AME Votuporanga
  22. AME São José do Rio Preto
  23. AME Sorocaba
  24. AME Caraguatatuba
  25. AME Tupa

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