“The abdominal diastasis is a change that can occur in some women postpartum. It can be physiological or pathological, depending on the extent of opening of the walls of the rectus abdominis. Usually the same woman when he sees an opening or bulging of the abdominal wall muscles she had not before, “explains Vanessa Marques, physiotherapist specializing in pregnancy and postpartum, creator of the Donna Physio.

According to the expert, it occurs mostly in women who have had several pregnancies, because it results in increase of the typical uterine pregnancy, which just “pushing” the abdominal muscles at the sides. However, there are other causes of diastasis of the rectus abdominis, such as:. Overweight, malnutrition, and increased intra-abdominal pressure (which may occur due to a tumor, for example)

Vanessa explains that this separation of the rectus abdominis can compromise corp oral stability and mobility, contributing to the onset of back pain, compromising posture, and aesthetic problems and even urinary as urinary incontinence.

“Women who do not exercise and who have strengthened the abdomen, develop more likely to have the problem. They also help hormones of pregnancy that cause muscle relaxation (relaxin) and also large babies and excess amniotic fluid, “says physical therapist.

Vanessa points out that to make sure and diastasis or not, the ideal and seek a specialist physiotherapist for through tests to identify the problem, to propose the best treatment.
“The sooner women to seek help, better. The patient is subjected to the evaluation of diastasis after releasing the responsible obstetrician, “she concludes.

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