Reading can promote health benefits, this has been proven by researchers Yale University . According to the study published in the journal Social Science & Medicine , read books can extend the life of two years. The more you read, the better.

Reading is not just a hobby, numerous studies prove the benefits of this activity for health.

For this survey of 3,635 men and women Data were analyzed with 50 years or more. It was observed the reading of each participant habit, which were monitored for 12 years.

Compared with adults who do not read, those who practiced reading 3:30 a.m. a week had 17% less chance of dying in the next 12 years. While those who read more 3h30 per week were 23% less likely to die in the same period.

Adults who read two years lived a further 12 years of monitoring than non-readers. Those who read magazines and newspapers also showed higher survival rates than non-readers, but the benefit is smaller than the reading of a book.

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