is coming winter , but the low temperatures have already arrived in full force! Therefore our body needs more calories for keeping warm, since there is heat produced in the breakdown of food, called the thermic effect of food.

To complete arises that slight lazy to train! so this period requires greater care with discipline in training to eliminate the likely excesses. What we do not know many of us are specific benefits of training at this time of year

1 With the lowest ambient temperature the body will need more calories to warm up thus increasing metabolism, so we find it easier to lose weight.

2- physical activity enhances immunity , but not worth to start training in the winter to get this benefit against colds because the body needs time to adapt.

3 Less rush to lose weight for the summer and the study show that lose 2kg per month reduces the possibility of recovering them .

4- it produces hormones that promote the well-being decreasing depressive state of around cold days.

5- the academies are more empty and that means more attention from professionals and a training with less disruption .

Then beat laziness and good training!

Natalia Francisca Louredo

Physical Education Professional – CREF 026778-G / MG

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