Hey! Did you know that performing physical assessments, physiotherapy and / or have a medical certificate, which is usually measured only blood pressure and makes a brief history is not a determining factor to start physical exercise ?! You know why?!

Because the body at rest works in a completely different way under the stress of exercise.

To meet the needs of a body in motion various hormones are released to orchestrate various responses involving the heart, blood vessels, nervous system, lungs, liver and skin.

So the blood circulation, respiration, blood pressure, body temperature, and others are affected .

because all these situations is essential to the exercise stress test. For he will assess your physical ability reaction to start training to prevent any many serious cardiovascular events such as fainting, heart attack, stroke, arrhythmias and sudden death, which may occur when the intensity of maximum effort that could be tolerated is outdated.

Recalling that the test is not intended to incapacitate for physical exercise, but preserve their functional status and equip professionals to better fit your workout.

Let in mind that health comes before any project!

Natalia Francisca Louredo

Physical Education Professional

CREF 026778-G / MG

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