is celebrated until August 7 World Breastfeeding Campaign, care that promotes unity between mother and baby, as well as help in brain development and protect their health.

However, breastfeeding is a moment that causes many doubts in moms. See the main issues and Sandra Petit speech therapist responses:

What is the importance of breastfeeding?

Breast milk provides antibodies from the mother to the baby in order to protect it against diarrhea, infections and respiratory diseases. In addition to assisting in facial development, orofacial muscles and learning. Breastfeeding reduces the risk of asthma, diabetes and obesity, and also establishes an important link between mother and child.

How to know if he’s ready?

There are babies who are not ready to breastfeed. That is, the sucking reflex is not properly manifested, requiring a speech evaluation to see what it takes to encourage him to suck properly. The evaluation of the lingual frenulum (the test linguinha) is very important to ensure there are no language movement limitations at the time of suction.

What is the proper position?

The mother should put the belly facing child to her belly and then support him in his arm, so that the head is well positioned with alignment of the head, trunk and spine.

How to stimulate the baby to open every mouth?

After being in the proper position, the mother should use the opposite hand to stimulate the baby to open his mouth and manage to catch all the areola, not just the tip.

What are the intervals between feedings?

When the baby is newborn, you need to be aware of the time interval between feedings, which should not exceed 3 hours. It should breastfeed whenever you want, what we call “free baby demand.” If he mama little or just sleeping, the mother should wake him, stirring in his little body and stimulating maintain a longer feeding, so that it is satiated and sleep peaceful.

What is the sign that the baby is satisfied?

The sign that the baby is already satisfied is when he releases the nozzle alone.

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