When decided s we want or weight loss something very important? needs to be started:. ac onscientização change in lifestyle, we have or what we have to do with our body

it is necessary to have in mind the result we want and how it will be path to achieve this goal. so we should start with act to challenge the which is very important, so we can get out of comfort zone .

for always doing the same things and following a predetermined routine , can offer us enough stability , but contributes to the our brain becomes lazy

phrases like: “ I have no willpower I can not I need to eat something I have a very active social life “… they are all traps that we put sabotage our desire.

Therefore, every time we do or allow ourselves to have these reasons we are putting in as victim of our own body, because when we with weight that do not want to think it’s very difficult get lose, lose weight or food in sometimes .

Especially in some stations as in winter , when chill makes us eat more , the June festivals are up, holiday , and so on …

we returned the same apologize keeps us in circle vicious , but we can and just let change this, they allow us to understand that we, that is, yOU is sole owner of his actions.

yOU choose what you want think and how to act . You need control the triggers leading to anxiety varying food groups , abandoning inactivity and looking for other pleasures beyond food .

But search should not come through new methods to facilitate weight loss or permission for consumption liberal as this goes to show that there is no ideal diet , the miraculous remedy or perfect technique.

The weight loss needs to go beyond and contemplate medical history , the food preferences , the exercise practice the psycho-emotional issues , among others.

Now the big question is to find in a consistent and healthy eating in activity that provides pleasure and a good weight loss and its maintenance. It has discipline, focus, consistency, regularity are the key words when we think of loss, maintenance or weight control and make sure that there is no magic pill .

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Nutritionist – Team ClinLife