The joints are points meeting between one or more bones . Basically these connections are made up of cartilage, tendons and synovial fluids. All these structures have the role to stabilize, mobilize and protect the joints of our body. The musculature has the role to help stabilize and move the two body parts that are connected between the bones.

Through various factors, the joint can become healthy or not. So you have a healthy joint, follows below some guidelines for you have a more stable joint for many years .

for you have a connection with good mobility is essential to maintain a body weight balanced. Overweight or obesity increases the chances of you having a big impact on your joints. This overload can influence wear cartilage joints and with it, their Guests can is impaired .

A strengthened muscles is another aspect very important in a healthy joint. A strong muscle helps stabilize the joint and consequently the chances of you having this unstable body structure are lower.

In addition to a strengthened muscles you need have a balanced musculoskeletal system. You need strengthen your body in a balanced way . For example; if you have a muscle of the front part of the strong thigh (quadriceps muscle), you also need to strengthen the muscles in the back of the thigh (isquiosurais muscles). This harmony between the muscles is indispensable .

inadequate habits and bad postures in their daily lives can adversely impact your joints . Working long in a bad posture, watching television or twirl cell in an improper way can be very detrimental to your joint. Remember to maintain good posture in their day to day .

Start changing your lifestyle habits through proper body awareness and physical exercises and guided by a professional physical education . Thus, the chances of you having a joint health good is much greater and that can be passed from generation to generation .

Richardson Smith

Physical Education Professional ClinLife

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