The curriculum is the main way to disclose to the market. It is possible to express a clear and direct way your professional goal, their skills, their knowledge and their experience.

In addition, we must be careful and control in social networks, since their conduct in the virtual environment can be decisive in the race for a spot.

Follow the next tips and learn to promote:

  • Broaden your network using LinkedIn. Contact companies that have interests and show its potential from articles, videos, photos and audio.
  • Search sites that present the available positions in companies. Look for free portals or use the trial period for paid.
  • Contact with colleagues and friends who work in your area and ask for help to be given the vacancies that arise.
  • Value your profile. Avoid sending your resume to jobs that do not match your way of being and its principles.
  • Always be proactive. Go behind. Do not expect to fall in your lap your big chance. Read a lot, keep up to date and seek always on websites, newspapers and social networking places of interest.

Good luck!

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