When we asked a customer what region your body that most bothers you, it is almost unanimous that the answer involves the abdomen, especially when the goal is weight loss. And also in most cases, the area that customers have greater difficulty to achieve and realize the results.

Aiming to “end the belly”, in most cases, the client assumes that it is necessary to perform many abdominal exercises for this region. He devotes hours performing an amazing variety of abdominal, sure that is moving towards its goal, and fails … is very important that the client understands that abdominal exercises do not contribute to caloric burn located. What abdominal exercises do is to stabilize your joints to prevent or ameliorate damage, improve muscle quality, strength, hypertrophy, among many other benefits, but they DO NOT make that located and unwanted extra fat is dissolved immediately while performing the abdominal …

so how to get that abdomen so desired?

to achieve that washboard abdomen or the negative famous belly, we must tread a path that includes doing sit-ups yes, but mainly it includes proper selection of exercises that promote a faster metabolism and calorie burning is effective not only during the exercises, but that burning continues accelerated after ensuring greater use of fat as energy source at rest. Besides, of course, adherence to an adequate food program that also will ensure that the calorie deficit is negative, meaning that the food intake is less than the daily caloric expenditure. With this you will ensure that unwanted flab of your abdomen should be burned and all the muscles you’ve developed in their training programs to be exposed and finally your abdomen will be the new face !!!!

Isabel Cristina

Physical Education professional ClinLife

CREF .: G / MG 19464

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