During the week for a negative calorie balance (ie, weight loss / lose weight), we need maintain a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle . planned physical activity, well targeted and balanced nutrition, for example, may influence weight loss or change your body composition. If we do, will have good results .

Monday to Friday , several people can keep this routine , but and on weekends ? Some people consider weekend Saturday and Sunday, others see through Friday (at least at night) as the weekend. During those days, have several activities that contribute to get out of the ‘diet’ or food control . Lunches in the homes of friends or relatives, happy hour with colleagues, small parties, ballads, there are many temptations. This makes our food be well suffer. In addition, most of the time, we were without spending a lot of energy (lying, watching television, using the more computer, mobile social networking, Whatsapp, youtube, etc). Does that influence our results early next week?

activities we do in late week can influence negatively or positively your weight or body composition . healthy living habits on weekends make a significant difference in your results. You have to do on your weekend activities to ‘air’. Practice sports, stroll in parks, go hiking with friends or family, try new hobbies that contribute energy expenditure slightly higher. All this will greatly influence its results in the short, medium and long term. In addition to improving your health you will contribute / influence your friends and relatives to have healthy lifestyle habits.

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