Functional training are types of exercises that encompass several musculature and they can be directed to different types of targets. Weight loss, flexibility, strength, balance, improvement of a particular movement, strengthening joints, lean mass, muscle definition, improve performance in a sport, etc. . There are many benefits that functional training offers

This type of training is based on natural movements that a person can do as; jumping, throwing, lifting, running, spinning, pulling, pushing and can be practiced by all kinds of people. This practice should be respected the individuality of each person, if the individual has some joint pain or have any pathology. So it’s a great option for those who want to escape the weight room and get great results.

The exercises can be done with different equipment. Mats, ropes, cones, benches, dumbbells, balls, shin guards, Bozu, rubber bands, balance disks, proprioception boards, etc. Functional exercises can also be done with his own body as intensity for exercise. That is, you use the strength of his own body to influence the intensity of exercise. Some people can adapt to various equipment at home or wherever you prefer to exercise. Just be creative.

It is worth experiencing this type of training. Look for a professional physical education enabled to prescribe the training to you or see if you have any collective class of functional training near his home. And remember, always consult a doctor before starting any exercise. It will check if you are able to make the desired activity.


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